Exporting Salesforce data is easy, right?

Unforutanately, exporting data may be easy, but reading it without Salesforce might not be.

Be sure to export the salesforce data you NEED
There are two ways to export data from salesforce. In the video above, we show you how to find a complete salesforce export, something we often call a "data dump." It's really just what it sounds like, a dump of raw (often, un-readable to the human eye) data. It's extremely useful for migrating to a new CRM but it could be useless to you in the interim. If you need the data exported in a way that you can read it, be sure to export "reports" from your Salesforce account as well.

Exporting Salesforce Reports
Unlike the data dump, which exports raw and unformatted data, a report is a compilation of the data in a format that you can view, understand, and make decisions off of. If you've never created reports before, this tutorial will prove very helpful. But most importantly, when you have generated the reports that you need to see from your data, be sure to export those to Excel so you can read them even after you have cancelled your salesforce account.